artist statement

My work addresses the theme of the natural world and our relationship to it.  I create illustrations, sculptures and detailed paper art of the environment, inspired by natural history illustration and the methods scientists have used to collect, preserve or document specimens in the past. I am also interested in the relationship between art and science as we have studied and explored the natural world in our attempts to understand it.

I am fascinated by places where the needs of people engage, impact, or clash with the needs of other species, for example in a positive way such as on permaculture inspired allotments, or the more difficult examples of sites where environmental concerns and industrial requirements meet and conflict. As an artist living in South Cumbria there are many examples of this, with beautiful coastal nature reserves and the National Park alongside some of the biggest industries in the UK.

I also create dialogic projects where I meet with people and document their stories about these topics. I always aim to ask questions and encourage discussion rather then giving judgement or answers.